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Capital Projects related to Dufferin Grove

Capital projects budget, from Migs Bartula:

The Outdoor Recreation Centre project has realigned cash flows of $3.715 million driven by the Dufferin Grove New Community Centre cash flow funding of $3.140 million being deferred from 2018 to 2019 It seems expensive to be spending $700,000 in fees for a 3 million dollar construction project. There must be a seperate budget for the ice rink, and the construction portion of the building may be split between years. Anyhow, not entirely sure how much is budgeted for the new building. There is also a separate budget for Dufferin Grove Community Field House (AIR Bldg) of $253,000 , not sure what this is, I presume the separate fieldhouse and washroom. In addition, there is $300,000 budgeted for a dog off leash area. Not sure where that is going as I have not been involved.

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