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Correspondence about the 2017 income-by-day report


April 2, 2018 to Ward 18 rec supervisor Keith Storey

I'm starting to go over the recent FOI material I got. The income-by-day document is the clearest I've seen, but the SAP is still confusing.

The main problem is trying to get the SAP income numbers and the income-by-day to match.

Dufferin Grove Income-by-day is listed as a total of $128,583.31.

In SAP, the sum of "ski equip rentals" (skates, I'm guessing), "cafeteria revenue," "sale of materials," and "sundry revenue" is $126,551.95 -- $2000 less.

If I add in "protective clothing" (tape and pucks?) and "registration fees" (campfires?), i.e. everything except ice permits, taxis, and the mysterious "trade A/P Dis Rec Di," I get 128,036.15, $500 less. But if "protective clothing"? is really code for pucks and tape, the income-by-day number for skates would be off by $485.

I think SAP is supposed to be the standard, yes?

I'll be doing a report later this year, sampling from your GMs "state of the parks" speech (linked here), so I want to make sure I'm not misinterpreting these numbers.

Should we go over this together, or do you prefer me to go back through FOI for it?

April 3, 2018, to Ward 18 rec supervisor Keith Storey

I've started working through the income-by-day (IBD) spreadsheet, which I've attached here. There are problems with some of the Thursday records for bread and snack bar income for Jan and Feb 2017.

Keith, since I did many counts of park income for over 20 years, it was hard to get out of the habit of checking numbers. So -- while my keys still worked -- I checked the staff count numbers for last January and Feb too. I have them here, to compare with the IBD document.

There are some problems.
IBD Thursday Jan.26: no bread income. Staff count sheet: $341.30
IBD Thursday Feb.2: no bread income. Staff count sheet: $338.10
IBD Thursday Feb.16: no bread income, and no snack bar income. Staff count sheet: bread $273.30, snack bar $217.20.

Numbers can be pesky and transposition errors are easy to make, but I'm sure you agree that this needs some checking, since over $1100 seems not to have been entered into the IBD. Nor was it entered into SAP, since the income recorded there is less than in the IBD report -- another puzzle.

One puzzle is how whoever entered the numbers into IBD didn't notice those missing entries on Thursdays.

It looks like no other Thursdays in 2017 were missed but the IBD bread total for August 10 and the IBD snack bar totals for August 17 and Sept.7 could use some checking against the staff count sheets, and perhaps against any other sheets that record income. Maybe all the numbers could use some checking, to see if this is an anomaly or the tip of the iceberg.

I Included Heidrun on this email because she would have the best idea about which bread income numbers don't make sense.

Keith, can you let me know how you plan to proceed?

April 11, 2018 from Keith to Jutta

Let me know if Friday, April 20th is convenient for you? I can meet you at Wallace RC or Mary McCormick RC by 2pm.

April 11, from Jutta to Keith

I can't meet mid-afternoon on April 20 but could make it at 4. Does that work?

Until then -- I hear from Heidrun that she's been keeping a record of Thursday income that's accessible only in the internal city system. Will you give her permission to let me look at this document (at Dufferin) and compare her numbers to the IBD?

Or, if Jaydee has already updated the IBD to verify the Thursday numbers, could he send it to me this week?

April 12, from Keith to Jutta

I will make 4pm work on April 20th. Let's meet at Wallace.
My staff should not be sharing these documents or information. I'll convey this information or suggest requesting it through an FOI process.
Let's meet firstly next Friday and we can proceed from there.

April 12, from Jutta to Keith

Re Heidrun's data entry -- I do wonder sometimes: have you heard of the city's latest Open Data policy?
Is rec lagging behind a bit? (rhetorical question)

April 20, 2018

Meeting with Keith Storey
Keith said that the missing $1100 were not under his watch (he was made supervisor in February 2018) and therefore he has no comment. He is moving forward.

Apr 20, 2018, 5:59 PM, Jutta to FOI

Since there was a large discrepancy between the Dufferin Grove income appearing in the 2017 Ward 18 SAP versus the 2017 "Income-By-Day" (IBD) spreadsheet, I went to talk to Keith Storey, the Ward 18 rec supervisor about it today. He pointed out that there's a problem with May 2017 of IBD, perhaps that it adds on the April totals again, into May.

I thought that the spreadsheet I got was put together by the Ward 18 staff, and when I sent the link to Keith, he thought that I had modified it myself, but actually it seems to have been reconfigured by your office. Would you be able to check that out?

April 24, 2018, from FOI

Please find attached a copy of the revised daily income of Dufferin Park.

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