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July 14, 2009, 6 e-mails

E. G. wrote:

When I got the email saying that houses on Havelock have received notices that the soccer field would begin being used as a temporary dump, I was concerned and emailed our councilor and his assistant Chris. I was very impressed with the speed that they responded and conducted research of their own. There was a fast flurry of emails and so far - nothing has been turned up. I also phoned a couple friends that live on Havelock and neither of them received this notice. If anyone receives such a notice, I would be pleased if they'd scan it for us or contact the councillor.

If anyone notices anything, a fence being erected or notices, please let us know.

It appears the concern was a tad premature.

Let's hope the negotiations happen in earnest and we go back to enjoying city run services.

From: "Chris Gallop"

I have not been able to find any indication that they are preparing to open a garbage drop-off site at Dufferin Grove shortly. In other words, the situation appears unchanged. I will continue to work on trying to find out more and will share any news once I have it.


Chris Gallop
Special Assistant:
Public Works, Development & Constituency Matters
Office of Adam Giambrone

D. M. wrote:

Dear M.

...Please extend my sincere appreciation to everyone from Friends of Christie Pits, who took the time to show up at the rally.

What an amazing group you are – the strategies, and information that was shared will be very useful in our continued fight to get Moss Park dump site closed! You all are so caring and kind , well informed, and media savvy…

This was my first foray into a public protest, and it felt empowering.

I hope you and your family will find time to relax and enjoy the summer, and the time off.

We will continue with our fight to close the dump.

J. G. wrote:

There's a lot of arranging for private garbage pick-up going on in this group lately, and I'm just wondering if anybody else is a little uncomfortable about this medium being used in a way that might well be perceived as strike-breaking. Your thoughts?

D. H. wrote:

I admit I've felt the same way. I feel the need to support our workers here and have wondered the best way to do that -- should I help clean up, or should I take a step back and allow others to see what an important job it is they do?

A. B. wrote:

Thanks, J., for the question. For me, this listserve is the voice of this community, my community. My community includes all the people who work to keep Dufferin Grove Park as vibrant and meaningful as it is. I have benefited from other parks and community centres over the years, but Dufferin Grove is the most essential expression of my community.

The workers in the park are on strike. The garbage bugs me, but the parks issues are more important to me. I miss the park workers and I value them. Mayor Miller should value them, too. He should stop playing politics and get this contract done.

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