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Outdoor rinks skate lending project (with the David Rothberg donation)

Results so far:

1. Essex School Christie Rink visits story link here (x2)

2. Scarborough Centennial College Morningside Rink Community Skate Day story link (x1)

3. Friends of Regent Park Family Day story link and Skate Night story link (x2)

4. Scarborough school class skate day story link (x1)

5. New YouTube version of slide show "How to do Skate Lending" YouTube link

skate bins




the bus

6. Media coverage:

Dec.6, 2017: Metro News here.
Dec.6, 2017: CBC radio re donation
Dec.7, 2017: Press Reader here
Dec.14, 2017: Maytree Foundation Newsletter: Story of Change (they asked me to do a story)
Jan.11, 2018: May Warren, in Metro News
Jan.12, 2018: May Warren in the Star
Jan.17. 2018: The Star, Jennifer Paggliano
March 1, 2018: CBC radio Ieva Lucs

Some of these reporters have asked to be kept informed so they can take up the story again, if there is more story

7. Political:
Letter from Councillor Mike Layton to the Community Development and Recreation Committee, asking for a report on skate lending from the general manager of Parks and Rec, in July 2018. Adopted Jan.17, 2018

8. Parks and Recreation:
took the skate collection saying staff are "willing to accept, store and maintain the skates and make them available for lending at special events and other pop-up skate programming"

9. Some new friends intend to contact city hall for pop-up skate lending in the fall. Example is here.

city hall

Process leading up to these results (scroll down!)

Meetings, 2017

Dec. 4: Courtney Sweet, Mitchell Cohen, David Rothberg, Jutta Mason, at Daniels Spectrum
Dec. 8: David Rothberg and Jutta, with Matt Cutler (Parks and Recreation) at Elizabeth Street
Dec.12: Courtney Sweet, Zahrah Munas, Matt Cutler, at Regent Rink
Dec.18: Michael Monastyrskyj, Mayssan Shuja Uddin, and Jutta, to examine the skate collection and see what upkeep is needed
Dec.19: Dale Howey (CELOS), Elle Alconcel (Artscape), Courtney Sweet(Daniels Corp), Zahrah Munas (Friends of Regent Park), and Fatima Barron (CRC) met to plan Regent rink events for the new year, discuss skate storage

Meetings, 2018

Jan.15: Courtney, Elle, Fatima, Dale, Matt, Todd and others met to discuss the Regent skate events. No settled idea of where to store the skates, not in the Regent Rink storage area, maybe outside.
Jan.23: meeting at Daniels Spectrum, about the Family Day event: Courtney, Elle, Denise (CSI), Todd, Jutta, Mari Carravagio (Partnership office), Moe (Hockey4Kids), Kenneth Slater (Dixon Hall). Skates staying at CELOS office as long as no good storage space has been found.
Jan.26: Dale and Jutta meet to sort and label the skates, put some aside for Christie Rink day
Jan.26: Jutta, Dale, Fatima met with Kenneth Slater, about paid volunteers for Family Day

Christie Jan.31: community kitchen closed

Jan.31: Jutta and Percy, bringing skates to Christie Rink and lending them out there. Geri coming to help. Not allowed to use the counter of the former-community-kitchen for lending -- "not for use by members of the public."
Feb.9: Jutta and Davey lend out skates and helmets using the former Christie Rink kitchen and the counter. Davey confirms that some skates are not sharp.
Feb.10: Dale and Davey load up a rented van and Dale spends the day at the Morningside Rink event on Scarborough.
Feb.12: Davey and Jutta dry the skates from Feb.10, make shelves in the furnace room and arrange them. Meet with Michael Monastyrkyj at Dufferin rink to evaluate sample skates for sharpness

Christie Feb.9: community kitchen open

Feb.17: Michael Monastyrkyj spends 5 hours at CELOS, resharpening the skates.
Feb.19: Dale and Jutta take skates to Regent Park, and spend the day lending them out.
Feb.20: Davey and Jutta check the skates and re-shelve them.
Feb.26: Courtney, Fatima, Denise, Dale, Jutta: debrief meeting about Family Day and talk about March 1 event. Agreement that there's not enough city support to help Friends of Regent Park accept the skates -- back to CELOS for now.
March 1: Dale and Ina sort all the skates, take them to Regent Rink for lending. Courtney says they'llbe first to apply for pop-up next year, around Family Day
March 1: Matt and Jutta meet at Regent Rink event, Matt says he'll find out more about how policies e.g. no shoes, no chairs are made, and tell us
March 2: Dale and Jutta meet Keith Storey (rec supervisor for Ward 18) at Wallace Rink and hand over the skates.

Emails\phone calls in 2017:

Dec.11: Jutta to Michael Gauthier (Scarborough Centennial College), about the annual Morningside Rink Family Skate
Dec.13: Keith Storey (Ward 18 rec supervisor) calls Jutta to offer skate sharpening and transport
Dec.13: Jutta to Courtney, about Keith's offer
Dec.13: Jutta to Kelly Sather, Councillor Troisi's assistant, about the history of city policies affecting skate lending
Dec.14: Kelly S. to Jutta, no answer to Dec.13 question but saying the councillor is in support of skate lending


Dec.16: Jutta calls Dale to see if he can choreograph CELOS skate lending, he says yes
Dec.17: Jutta calls a random sample of CELOS board members to ask about giving the skate collection to Friends of Regent Park
Dec.17: Jutta to Dale Howey about what's involved in running a skate lending event
Dec.18: Courtney invites Dale, Jutta, Zahrah, Emily, Fatima, Elle to a meeting about 2 - 3 Regent skate events
Dec.19: Jutta asks more about skate storage, and about connection with the citywide rink supervisor
Dec.19: from Emily Martyn (CRC): how will Friends of RP manage the skate collection? Who will do all the work?
Dec.19: CELOS will do the work for the upcoming 2 -3 events, Dale is the lead, later the city will need to take over the skates from the Friends
Dec.19: Emily to Jutta and others: are there liability issues? Dec.19: Jutta to Emily and others: no liability issues, the city has the insurance in place. But they have a "core business" policy that needs better understanding
Dec.20: Jutta to Michael Gauthier (Centennial) about coordinating Regent and Morningside Rink events
Dec.20: Michael G. responds, asking about rink events in February
Dec.20: Courtney asking Matt Cutler for an early-January planning meeting
Dec.20: Matt asking when to meet

Emails\phone calls in 2018:

Jan.2: Courtney to Matt: can we meet this week?
Jan.2: Matt to Courtney -- can't get a time that works for both Todd and him. Next week?
Jan.3 Courtney to Matt: how is Jan.9?
Jan.4: Matt to Courtney: works for him, not sure about Recreation
Jan.10: Jutta to Keith and others: when can the skates be sharpened?
Jan.10: Keith to Jutta: sometime in the next two weeks. To Courtney: when is your first event?
Jan 11: Courtney to Keith: Family Day
Jan.12: Fatima to Courtney and other: someone from Yonge Street Mission wants to make a deputation at the CDRC re skate lending
Jan.15: Jessica Naves, teacher in Scarborough, to Jutta -- she wants to take class skating but none have skates, can they borrow ours to go to Greenwood Rink?
Jan.15: Jutta to Jessica -- not a travelling skate collection anymore, we offered it to Greenwood but they turned it down. Coming up at CDRC, want to write a letter?
Jan.16: Jessica to CDRC: poor kids should have the same chances to skate as other kids
Jan.16: Jutta to Jessica: try Dufferin Rink, they have skates to lend
Jan.16: Jessica to Jutta: can't get to Dufferin Rink, too far to go with little kids on TTC. From Jutta: CELOS can help with transportation

normal: Regent Rink with clutter

Jan.16: Jutta to Todd Davidson (citywide rink supervisor) asking to look at the Regent Rink storage room to see why PFR says there's not enough space to store skates
Jan 16: Todd to Jutta and others: PFR is working directly with Friends of Regent Park since they now own the skates, will let us know later what they come up with
Jan 16: Jutta to Todd, cc Councillor Troisi and Peter White, city manager of Parks: can I come and look at the storage room?
Jan 16: Kelly on behalf of Councillor Troisi, talk to Todd
Jan.17: Todd to Jutta, the councillor, the Parks manager: we're working with the Friends, they'll find a storage solution together

better: Regent Rink with loaner skates

Jan.17: Jutta to same list: CELOS is donating funds for the skate lending events, can I come and look at the storage room? No response from anyone on the list
Jan.18: Jutta to Courtney, Elle, Fatima, other Friends: since CELOS is helping to make this happen, can you tell me the dates?
Jan 18: Courtney to reps of FORP, Dixon Hall, CRC, Artscape, CSI, Toronto Housing, MLSE, PFR: many partners will make this good, use Matt's language about a "made-in-Regent" approach to skate-lending. Family Day seems promising.
Jan.18: Matt to Courtney and others: I can't be at a meeting but go ahead with Family Day. "I'm really pleased by the progress we've made together on a made-in-Regent approach to rink animation and skate lending."
Jan.24: from Alice Kent, asking for skates for Essex School to skate at Christie Pits Rink
Jan.24: Jutta to Alice: we're giving them to Friends of Regent because Councillor Layton didn't want them for Christie Rink, but we can lend them for Essex School if it's soon
Jan.28: Jutta to Fatima and others, about what CELOS is providing for the Regent Rink Family Day event.
Jan.29: Alice to Jutta: specifying skate sizes, classes coming to the rink on Jan.31
Jan.31: Jessica, teacher from Scarborough, to Jutta, class is booked to go to Dufferin Rink, can CELOS help get the kids there?
Jan.31: Jutta to Jessica: CELOS will pay for schoolbus rental
Jan 31: Jessica to Jutta: kids are so excited, booked for Feb.27
Jan.31: Fatima to all: list of what needs to be there for Regent Rink Family Day
Feb.5: Hana Pirotsky of Essex School asks to borrow the skates again for Friday Feb.9.
Feb.5: Jutta to Hana: yes, but we need to use the rink kitchen and the counter this time. You'll need to go through the councillor.
Feb.5: from Hana: tried calling Christie Rink but the phone is not answered often
Feb.5: Jode Roberts (Friends of Christie Pits) try Sabrina (CRP)

Feb.8: Jutta to Hana: did you get permission?
Feb.8: Hana to Jutta, yes but they say your volunteers may have to be trained in safety (there are cleaning supplies stored in there).
Feb.8: Jutta to Todd and others: can staff make the Regent Rink skates available to kids if we run out of sizes? Since you have only four skate aids, can you borrow chairs from Dixon Hall?
Feb.8: Todd to Fatima and others: the skates at Regent Rink are for program use and the kids in the program keep them at home. Chairs are not allowed as skate aids.
Feb.12: Jutta to Keith. It turns out that most skates were not adequately sharpened by junior staff. Need to redo them with senior staff Michael, will pay him if we can borrow the skate sharpener.
Feb.12: Keith: yes
Feb.13: from Jaydee Cornwall, CRP for Dufferin Grove, to Jessica, teacher of Scarborough class: he will make sure Dufferin Rink will have loaner skates in the sizes the kids are missing
Feb.19: From Essex teacher Hana, asking to borrow skates for Christie Rink on March 1
Feb.20: Jutta to Hana, saying the skates will be taken to Regent Rink on that day for their event
Feb.21: Jutta to all involved, asking for a Regent Rink Family Day event debrief meeting.
Feb.21: Courtney to all: what will we be talking about?

chair skate aid

Feb.22: Matt to all: not sure I need to attend any future meeting, deal with Todd
Feb.22: Jutta to all: for discussion: better use of rec staff (not just sitting at desk) and can we use chairs since there are not enough skate aids
Feb.22: Matt to all: can only use CSA approved skate aids
Feb.22: Jutta to all: the supplier of the city's skate aids says no skate aids exist that are CSA approved
Feb.22: Matt to all: chairs not allowed anyway "Chairs are simply off the table at this time"
Feb.26: Courtney to Matt, Todd, and others: would like more supervision/skate aids for the March 1 event.

skates to city for "pop-up" use

Feb.26: Jutta to Keith: Friends of RP say they can't take skates without more support from city. I have no space at home, can they be stored at Dufferin Grove until GM's report comes out?
March 1: Keith to Jutta: Matt will respond
March 1: Matt Cutler to Jutta and others: the city will accept the skates for "special events and other pop-up skate programming."
March 1: Jutta to Matt: happy to be able to say that to CBC radio today
March 1: Keith to Jutta and others: drop them off at Wallace CRC and staff will make sure they're dried before storage.




Hours and supplies, skate lending project

- Home Hardware tarps for skate bins, Jan.25, 2018: $32.79
- Percy White: Christie Skate lending Jan.31, 2018: $90
- Michael Monastyrskyj: 5 hours sharpening, Feb.17, 2018 = $150
- Geri Dempsey:
Feb.1: 4.5 hours.
Feb.5, 1 hr. meeting
Feb.12: two rink visits (one a drive-by) 1 hour
Feb.13: 3 rink visits 2 hours (discovered skate lending at Col.Sam)
Feb.15: 2 rink visits 1 hour
Feb.15 - 17: 5 drive-by's 1 hour
Total: 10.5 hours = $262.50
- Dale Howey: Hours and Expenses to Feb.18, 2018:
1 Hour – December 18th phone call with Jutta
1 Hour – December 19th meeting at CRC
1/2 hour – January 3rd Wedgewood rink inspection
1 Hour – January 9th meeting at Regent Park
1 Hour – January 22 phone meeting with Jutta
3 Hours – January 25 sorting skates and meeting with Jutta
4 ½ Hours – January 26 meeting at Dixon hall and rink visit
2 Hours – February 1st Meeting at Jutta’s at moving skates to shelves
9 ½ Hours February 10th Scarborough Centennial College skating event: Van pickup at 8am and return at 7pm (took 1 ½ hour break to visit Scarborough Museum)
Total = 23.5 hours = $587.50
Rental van charge for February 10th - $88.29
Gas refill for van- $25.97
Total: $701.76
- Three two-hour shifts for Dixon Hall "volunteers" for Family Day event, Feb.19, 2018: $90.00
- Davey White:
Feb.10, 2018 skate maint. 1 hour
Feb.12 2018 rink visit and Christie skate visit 3 hours
Feb.12 2018 skate maintenance for Regent 4 hours\\ Feb.19 2018 Regent skating 3 hours
Feb.19 2018 Regent skate storage 1 hour
Davey White total: $300
- Dale Howey, Feb.19 to March 2:\\ Family Day Feb.19, 2018 = 8 hours
Regent Rink Skate lending meeting Monday Feb.26, 2018, 1.5 hours
March 1, 2018 Regent skate lending event,6.5 hours
March 2, 2018 for skate handover, 1 hour
Total: $425
- Ina Labuschagne: 3 until 9 pm Regent March 1 event = 6 hours $150
- School bus for Scarborough school visit, Feb.27, 2018: $270.24
- Mike Conway: skate lending slide show for Youtube: $390
Total skate lending funds spent up to March 5: $2862.29


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