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June 2009
D. C. wrote:

Toronto Police service
Community Alert


“Traffic Safety” remains a top priority of the Toronto Police Service. One of our traffic safety goals is to “Increase traffic enforcement to better protect the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.” The Toronto Police Service is continuing to focus its efforts on encouraging safe cycling as a practical mode of transportation in our city.

The Service will be launching the “Safe Cycling – Share The Responsibility” Campaign, commencing on Monday, 2009 June 22. The campaign will conclude on Sunday, 2009 June 28. This one-week campaign is designed to promote awareness and education by reducing the potential for bike and wheel sport related injuries.

The traffic on Toronto’s roadways affects almost everyone within the City . The safe and efficient flow of traffic, and the safety of our drivers, passengers, cyclists, and pedestrians, is therefore of significant concern to the Toronto Police Service.

Building partnerships and mobilizing local communities to respond to local traffic problems will assist in sustaining successful efforts and improve neighbourhood roadway safety.

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