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Homeless Housing

This is a workbook page of links and notes about Toronto's rent-geared-to-income housing.

two people live here (Dufferin Grove Park)

Sept.16, 2019, 10 a.m.

plus two dogs

Toronto Life article

Toni: living in the park (Dufferin Grove Park newsletter)

Interestingly, across the street from the park where Toni lived under tarps for three and a half months, there's a rooming house that used to have subsidized tenants. But it's been empty for more than ten years. Read more


Supplementary Material

Nov27, 2020


Feb.10, 2020, report from the Auditor

Implementing Recommendations from the Auditor General's Report 'Safeguarding RGI Assistance: Ensuring Only Eligible People Benefit'

Dec.24, 2019 security guards, $19.2 million over four years

Security guard services for various respite, refugee, and shelter locations across the City of Toronto.
Award of Request for Proposal 9101-19-0198 to A.S.P Incorporated. for the Provision of Security Guard Services. $19,238,579 net of HST recoveries, 2020 to 2024.

Dec.19, 2019: Community Engagement Processes for Locating new Shelters

Report from General Manager, Shelter, Support and Housing Administration; and Executive Director, Social Development, Finance and Administration

Nov.7, 2019, Toronto Bid Award Panel, BA54.3 $2.4 million over 5 years

Award of Request for Quotation Number 4305-19-5044 to Carmichael Engineering Ltd. for the HVAC Preventative Maintenance Services and Emergency Repairs at Various City of Toronto's Shelters

Nov.7, 2019, Toronto Bid Award Panel, BA54.1 $11.5 million

House Shelter Renovation Located at 705 Progress Avenue, Toronto.

Nov.7, 2019, Toronto Bid Award Panel, BA54.2 $60 million over 3 years

Provincial funding for many many agencies to provide employment services to Ontario Works clients

Nov.6, 2019, Executive Committee, Item EC 9.2

"There are an estimated 2200 women and transgender clients who access City-funded shelters, 24-hour respite sites and 24-hour drop-ins on a given night."

Oct.25, Audit Committee, Item AU4.5

Safeguarding Rent-Geared-to-Income Assistance: Ensuring Only Eligible People Benefit

From CELOS to Antonietta (Toni) Corrado: "do you understand this item?"

From Toni: "With regards to the housing agenda it's the same idea as worker's compensation...we will prove they are faking even if we kill the innocent.. more investigators, more administrators, more money to employees ...all the people to check if a few are not qualified....same rubbish with housing....places are still empty while they pry, follow, talk to neighbours."

Note: the councillors asked for monthly updates on whether the increased oversight is happening

Oct.3, 2019

Cathy Crowe, special to the Globe and Mail No one's home

Sept.13, 2019 CBC TCH announces massive restructuring

The changes move decision-making away from TCH's head office and into each building and community, and are aimed at improving service for the corporation's more than 100,000 tenants across the city, said a press release issued Friday morning.


Sept.11, 2019

- The city wants to spend $4,687,837 over the next 5 years to use software from Yardi Canada Ltd for Integrated Housing Management System for TCHC. Bids Award Panel link is here.


Sept.4, 2019

Furniture and accessories for Toronto seniors services and long-term care division: link

The total potential award for all contracts identified in this report, including all option years is $8,934,543 net of HST recoveries, $9,921,417 including all applicable taxes and charges and $8,780,015 net of all applicable taxes and charges.

Aug.29, 2019 Spacing magazine on housing

John Clapp: Is there a smarter way to spend Toronto’s housing dollars?

June 19, 2019 Auditor's report: opening doors to stable housing.

See also: notes.


June 3, 2019 The Guardian on Finland housing

'It’s a miracle': Helsinki's radical solution to homelessness

May 28, 2019: Wikipedia entry for TCHC

Actually appears not to have been updated since 2013 despite the date at the bottom of the entry.

In October 2008, TCHC was named one of "Canada's Top 100 Employers" by Mediacorp Canada Inc., and was featured in Maclean's newsmagazine. Later that month, TCHC was also named one of Greater Toronto's Top Employers, which was announced by the Toronto Star newspaper.


Feb.26, 2019, CBC: TCH CEO Kathy Milsome Fired

Kevin Marshman, current chair of the TCH board of directors, told CBC Radio's Metro Morning on Tuesday that Kathy Milsom was fired with cause following the contract awarded to Orchango. TCH announced her termination last Thursday.


Feb.1, 2019: Inside Seaton House

Now Magazine, Justin Haynes: Shelter Skelter
The writer subsequently committed suicide.


Sept.20, 2018

An interesting article affordable (subsidized) housing in Australia and Britain, from The Conversation


Nov.30, 2016 Guelph Today

Camp Homeless

Joanna Couture is among the inhabitants of this unusual settlement. She has been here with her boyfriend Richard for several months, but others have been here longer, she said earlier this week. The campers have to be out this week.

If it were not for this home along the river, all would be homeless, Couture said, as she tried to come to terms with the fact that she would have to leave her outdoor camp and begin a thankless search for something cheap in the city. She was in a gloomy mood.

Joanna is the daughter of the late Joseph Couture, an author, thinker, and much respected aboriginal elder and traditional healer. He was one of the first aboriginal people in Canada to earn a Ph.D. He died in 2007, and his writings were collected and published in the book A Metaphoric Mind that same year.


January 26, 2016 Report from the Mayor's Task Force on Toronto Community Housing

Transformative Change for TCHC

April 22, 2014 : The Star: TCH CEO fired

In a scathing report that threatens the job of Toronto Community Housing Corp. chief executive Gene Jones, the city ombudsman says Jones and other senior TCHC executives ignored hiring rules and conflicts of interest, gave managers unjustified raises, fired people recklessly and impulsively, and ran the city-owned landlord “as though it was their own personal fiefdom.”


Derek Ballantyne

Canadian Rural and Remote Housing and Homeless Symposium 2018

Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation

City of Toronto Inclusionary Zoning

City of Toronto registered rooming houses (Licensed and applications pending)

City of Toronto Official Plan Amendment - Policies to Address the Loss of Dwelling Rooms: Final Recommendation Report June 2019

Sept.25, 2019: Award of plumbing and drain repairs contract at Toronto shelters: $2,218,250 for 4 years.

Sept.25, 2019: Award of contract to to MJ Dixon Construction Limited for Renovation of a Seniors Shelter, at 2671 Islington Ave, cost is $8,438,957 net of HST recoveries.

Oct.2, 2019: contract to Struct-Con Construction Ltd., $9,094,917 including HST and all applicable charges, for Municipal Shelter Renovation at 4117 Lawrence Avenue East, Toronto.

Oct.8, 2019: contract Award of Tender Number Doc1914466835 to RENOKREW for Phase 2 Renovation in the Existing Women's Shelter Located at 348 Davenport Road, Toronto. $1,087,659 net of HST recoveries



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