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Globe and Mail Nov.16, 2020 Doctors push aggressive strategy to get COVID-19 cases down to zero.

From the article: ''"Canada needs a new and aggressive strategy to reduce COVID-19 cases to zero, a group of doctors and infectious disease experts is urging....Andrew Morris, an infectious diseases specialist at Toronto’s Sinai Health and University Health Network....and his colleagues, who have taken to social media under the hashtag #COVIDzero, are calling on governments and public health officials to work together to stamp out community spread of the virus altogether – a goal that requires longer and stricter restrictions in the interim."

This is a twitter exchange, rather than a group letter. And there are a couple of people who do most of the tweets.


focus on isolation and quarantining with HEAVY SUPPORT (for those who can't otherwise) AND FULL WEIGHT OF LAW (for those who won't otherwise)

....There is no "balanced" approach to this that averts the misery ahead.

...Deep down I know that nothing will happen until the front page of the newspaper shows an overwhelmed hospital, or patients getting O2 outside the hospital, or a triage "tent" gets built, or a healthcare worker crying.

.....Maybe we have to frighten the covidiots by giving them stats on how many people will die in Ontario from cancer, heart problems, and so many other illnesses if they can't get the tests and hospital beds they need.

....Regrettably we are doomed.....“I did not mean that Conservatives are generally stupid; I meant that stupid persons are generally Conservative....” (John Stuart Mill 1866)

....I’ll say this for the 1000th time but if Ontario had elected a female as Premier in 2018 (Andrea Horwath, Kathleen Wynne or even Caroline Mulroney), we wouldn’t be in this mess right now. No decent female leader would’ve ever put corporate profits over lives.

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