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Freedom of Information log *

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Ward 18



  • May 8 2017-0000111 data source cited in a "Safe Kids Canada 10-year review 1994 to 2003" footnote 162. That footnote referred to deaths resulting from playground equipment between 1992 and 1995 (this is in playgrounds foi folder)
    *March 12 #2018-510 Contract for Ice monitoring of Grenadier Pond in High Park
  • April 17 Contract for consultants' reports re master plan prepared about Toronto Botanical Garden and Edwards Gardens

Ward 18


#2017-00515 Ward 18 SAP spreadsheet 2015 and 2016

July 24 #2017-01163 Follow up to 2015-2016 SAP documents

Parks, Forestry and Recreation Division has been asked to provide additional information based on feedback from requester, response includes an index below and the excel files with detailed data and descriptions on each work sheet.


Dufferin Grove Park

Feb.5 #2018 - 00259 FOI (continuing to monitor cost changes at Dufferin Grove)

Request sent for 2017 SAP relating to PFR, NOT as a pdf, and for them just to send me the link if it's available though Open Data.

Response came in four alternative versions.

Feb.5 #2018 - 00256

Request sent re "Income by day" for Dufferin Grove programs for 2017.

  1. 2018 - 00256. Response.

May 21, 2018

Please send me a complete, detailed list of every legal claim made against the municipality of Toronto for any event occurring at DUFFERIN GROVE PARK ONLY since 1993. That includes personal injury claims as well as any other claims (for example, city vehicle accidents, tree damage, etc.) I need the date of the claim, the detailed reason given for the claim, the amount of damages claimed (if specified), the legal, staffing and court costs to the city, the size of the settlement (if any), and the duration of time between the making of the claim and when it was closed/solved (or specify if still pending or unknown). City Division (optional):
Date From (optional): 01-Jan-1993
Date To (optional): 31-Dec-2017 read more

Sept 24 #2018-01837

Please ask the Parks source for an electronic copy of all service contracts for Dufferin Grove Park that were commissioned by Parks between 2012 and 2017. This should cover all work done everywhere in the park including the field house, the playground, the wading pool area, the soccer field, the future DOLA area, etc. None of those contracts were listed in the paper copy I received from you last week.

Parks Spending excel sheet

Nov 22, 2018 Hi Kerry-Ann,

It appears that we need one more follow-up to this file. We've examined the revised listing that your correspondent produced (for which, again, thank you!). However from other sources, it appears that the following items are still missing:

2013: rebuilding of three wooden stairways 2013/2014: concrete pads for new benches, new benches installed 2014: one concrete pad for new zamboni garage, concrete pad for new sheds. 2014: Painting of multiple benches and tables 2014: construction of footpath 2015: installation of electrical/plumbing/propane service for new zamboni garage 2015 (April) concrete pad beside cob cafe structure 2015 (May) construction and installation of new counter for cob cafe 2015: 28 new trees planted (after meeting with parks supervisor) 2015: new tap in playground sandpit 2014/2015/2016 (not sure which year) replacement of south-facing chain link fence at rink pad 2016 or 2017: concrete pad for table tennis table, plus installation of that table

Could you please ask your correspondent to review these, send us an updated listing, and confirm that we have all relevant items?

Dec 18 2018 from Kerri Ann - estimates fee of $1000 PFR staff have advised that it will take 35 hours over at least 2 weeks for staff to search for the information you are seeking. Please note that search fees are charged at $30/hr.

Please let me know if you would like me to draft a formal search fee estimate letter to you, which will require a 50% deposit for the search to proceed.



Rink refrigeration access request

#2018-1814 Tech Services cost foi 2018-1814

#2018-1193 DGP work orders 2012-17 (.zip file)


March 12, 2018 #2018-510

Records Requested*: Please let me see the contract information for ice monitoring of Grenadier Pond in High Park.

I send this request under protest since it seems to me that the name of the vendor, what s/he has to do and when, and how much the city pays for that service, should be public information. I couldn't find it online so in January I asked through 311.

They put me on to Karinthia Battig (PFR?) and on Feb.2 she wrote:

"I will check with Purchasing, Materials and Management Division if the vendor and contract information can be released related to the ice monitoring contract."

I checked back again and she contacted them again on Feb.14. No answer up to now.

So I am now asking through FOI: the name of the vendor who has the contract for Grenadier Pond ice monitoring, what monitoring actions s/he has to do and when, and how much the city pays for that service. Please let me know that information from the year this started (last year?) and including this year. Request# 2018-510.

City Division: Purchasing, Materials and Management

Response April 6, 2018: Vendor: Geniglace Inc. $107,000 for measurement of ice thickness by an ice engineer, ice quality check and temperature measurement.

New request: 2018: To see the engineer's log regarding Grenadier Pond. Response received with link to log

April 17, 2018

Please let me know the cost (if any) to the City of Toronto for all consultants' reports relating to the master plan prepared about Toronto Botanical Garden and Edwards Gardens. The companies mentioned in the Master Plan are Scott Torrance Landscape Architect, a division of Forrec, including W. Gary Smith Design, Lord Cultural Resources, Matrix Solutions Inc., Moriyama and Teshima Architects, Urban Forest Associates Inc., A.W. Hooker Associated Ltd.

March 12, 2019, request to FOI Please send me the SAP financial records for Dufferin Grove Park for 2018. I have received the "Ward 18 SAP" records in the past but since the Ward boundaries changed in November, it will be easier if you only send me the Dufferin Grove Park portion. (Electronically please, excel not pdf))

Date From (optional):01-Jan-2018
Date To (optional): 31-Dec-2018

May 2, 2019:

Note: FOI gave me two CDs with "income by day" information and none with SAP. FOI said I had asked for the IBD information twice (unlikely) and would now have to begin again with the SAP request. Same wording request sent again this afternoon.

Response: May 26, 2019
From: Jutta Mason <juttamason@gmail.com>

Date: Wed, Jun 12, 2019 at 7:41 AM Subject: re my access request 2019 - 00945 To: Denise Stuckless <Denise.Stuckless@toronto.ca>

as I'm working over the SAP information you sent me, I see that the "salaries and benefits" are merely totalled as one number with no details. However I need the same details that I got in all the other years. Could you ask Finance to send those to me? It should be a very quick matter of block and paste (usually about 4 different amounts depending on the program).

June 21, 2019, from FOI

You have the right to appeal.

Parks is working on the information but some staff our on vacation at this time. When I have information, I will contact you.

June 21, 2109 from Jutta to FOI

I'm glad to hear that staff are working on it. If you like, you could pass along the attached examples from other years. I assume that the park costs and income are still being entered into SAP the same way even though the ward boundaries have changed.

It takes me about 5 minutes to extract the relevant lines. An example from the 2107 SAP, attached below: lines 36 to 43, 69 to 76, 134 to 141, and 207 to 217. Hopefully it will take about as long for the finance staff and I'll be able to get the rest of the information by the end of June (first request was March 12, that one was lost, second request was May 2).

March 18, 2019, request to FOI

Please send me an income-by-day excel spreadsheet for Dufferin Grove Park for 2018 plus 2019 Jan.1 to March 17 (the end of the rink season). I need this information in electronic format (not a pdf please)

City Division (optional): PFR, Keith Storey (rec supervisor) Date From (optional): 01-Jan-2018 Date To (optional): 17-Mar-2019

April 10, 2019,request to FOI

1. Please send me the specific list of elements that don't "meet code" for the Dufferin Grove Park rink house as it is now, and the relevant Building Code section in each case 2. Please send me the specific list of bylaws and any other regulations that are not being adhered to currently at Dufferin Rink (including the rink house, the rink slabs and surroundings), referencing the specific building element and the number of the bylaw or regulation in each case. read more

Freedom of Information response 2019 - 00817

From Paul Farrant, TS Engineering Inc. (consultant to DTAH)

If the existing ice-skating surfaces are to be used in the future, the condition of the existing rink headers should be assessed. Any proposed changes in size or shape for the ice surfaces for the future will require demolition of the existing surfaces and headers, with new rink floor slabs and brine piping designed to suit the new layout. read more

Note: The city's 2014 "State of Good Repair" report wrongly states that the header trench was built in 1993.

CGI Group, the consultant inspectors, were not made aware that the header trench pipes were replaced in 2006. The DTAH consultant engineer, Paul Farrant, evidently did not inspect the header trench but said ONLY that the rink would have to be torn out IF it was enlarged or reshaped. He said nothing suggesting there is a current flaw in the rink slabs.


Laneway housing and laneways

See also: FOI requestsfor laneway housing (to Toronto Fire and Toronto Building)

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