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Covid Rules: a thumbnail history

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Third Wave

During the third major shutdown on April 17, 2021 (a Stay-at-home order), benches were allowed in parks, unlike April 2020. Picnic tables were off limits (at least, officially). No gathering and therefore, no picnics. Playgrounds were to be closed but that decision was reversed. On May 22, outdoor sports were allowed again including basketball, table tennis, and golf.

The Stay-at-home order was removed on June 2. On June 11, "Step One" allowed outdoor patios to open with seating limits, and non-essential stores to open with 15% capacity. Schools did not re-open, neither did gyms and hair salons.

June 30: indoor, masked social gatherings of up to five people were allowed. Similarly, up to 25 people were able to attend outdoor functions, while as many as six people can dine together on a patio. Personal care services like hair stylists and nail salons reopened, as long as masks are worn at all times. Meanwhile, capacity limits on essential retail move to 50 per cent, up from 25 per cent in Step 1, while non-essential retail capacity increased to 25 per cent, as opposed to 15 per cent.

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