Centre For Local Research into Public Space (CELOS)

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Disseminating information about public space

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CELOS Publishing is at an early stage. Among the current methods for dissemination of information are newsletters, websites, and publications.

Friends of Dufferin Grove Park began a monthly newsletter in September 2000, which has been published by CELOS since 2003. CELOS also distributes a weekly web newsletter about the Dufferin Park Farmers' market, and an occasional e-newsletter about Toronto city rinks.

Websites directly operated by CELOS include dufferinpark.ca, cityrinks.ca, and CELOS.ca. These collectively already have thousands of visitors per month. In addition CELOS has a free webhosting service (parkcommons.ca) as an "incubator" to help qualified community groups get started with a platform to further disseminate information about what they do in public space. These include the Toronto Community Garden Network website (tcgn.ca), kidsgrowing.ca, and more than a dozen others.

Publishing include booklets on the pleasures and safety considerations of outdoor cooking fires, and the use, management, and enjoyment of outdoor city rinks.

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