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May 8,2009, 1 e-mail.

From: Clean Train Coalition

Thank you for signing up to support the Clean Train Coalition! We know that you are as concerned as we are about the proposed plan. Working together we will make a difference and prove that Clean Transit is Possible!

The Clean Letter Campaign!

Clean Letter Day was a smashing success! While we can't track precise numbers, our best estimates put the total at about 3,000 - 5,000 letters sent with 1,000 letters landing this week on McGuinty's desk. This is incredible! Thanks so much to our Outreach Team and to each of you who took the time to send in your letters - and to convince others to do the same. Clean Letter Day has now rolled into the Clean Letter Campaign. If you haven't yet sent in your letter - visit the website! If you haven't yet convinced everyone you know to do the same, send them to the website too! Flash-Mob Fun!

Ever hear of a Flash-Mob? It's a sudden gathering of people who show up somewhere, perform some kind of action, and then quickly disperse. The goal is to be intriguing, mysterious, and to have fun. We're planning our very own Flash-Mob event and we want you to join us!

Our idea is a Bubble Bash! We need 100 people to show up at a secret location (easily accessible in downtown Toronto) on Tuesday around 5:30pm to...blow some bubbles. This will be a fun event in a busy location intended to grab attention.

If you're interested in learning more or in attending other Flash-Mob events we are planning, visit www.cleantrain.ca/flashmob and add your name to the list. Twitter and Facebook the link to tell your friends (or pick up the phone!). We'll slowly reveal the details over the coming days so you can be a part of the event!

Other Stuff

We are working on a ton of fronts...we're writing The Better Move, planning a press conference, organizing a fundraiser, working on a door-to-door poster campaign and planning a strategy meeting. Stay tuned for more - our network keeps growing and we're starting to open some doors.

Help get the word out - get your neighbours to sign up to http://www.cleantrain.ca

T. M. wrote:

All questions related to damages or reports of damages should be directed to Kathryn Hanford at 416-604-9582 or by email at khanford@mrc.ca. She will be able to lead you through that process and provide you all the information that you need to report the damages on your property.

I have ccd her on this email as well, so she will be expecting to hear from you.

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