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April 7, 2009, 2 e-mail

From :Brendan Agnew-Iler Senior Advisor
Office of Mayor David Miller
To: Belinda Cole

Dear Belinda:

Thank you for your email regarding the Georgetown rail proposal. The Mayor appreciates the time you have taken to express your concerns.

As a City Councillor David Miller represented Toronto on the GO board, where he voted to have GO offer the airport service as part of its public regional rail network. The Federal Government determined that it would be privately built and operated and, with their private partner SNC-Lavalin, created the Blue-22 proposal using refurbished diesel cars and charging more than twenty dollars for a one-way trip.

At its January 2009 meeting Toronto City Council unanimously adopted a motion from the Mayor opposing any road closures, supporting the addition of new stops, requesting electric vehicles be used and that public transit alternatives be a component of any service improvements.

The City of Toronto is not, however, directly involved in this project so you should contact Metrolinx, the Provincial transportation planning agency, directly for more information.

G. V. wrote:

Hi Everyone,
Please pass this info on to people who live in the community near the tracks. The noise from the construction is seriously affecting seniors, parents with children, and other people who are at home during the day. In addition, there are workers who are employed in this neighbourhood, as well as small business owners who are affected. Tenants are being forced to move and homeowners have damage to their properties. This pile-driving system is not the only way to do this work -- it is the CHEAPEST at the expense of the community. And all of this work, of course, paves the way for the anticipated future of 350 fifty year old diesel trains a day designed to take businessmen and women to the airport from Union Station. We are not against transportation progress -- just progress without accounting for the human costs.

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