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January 31, 2009, 2 e-mails

J. B.


L. G.

Glad to see that people are talking about this.

This is likely the most ill-conceived transportation idea in canadian history. It will help no one. Instead of infrastructure that could improve the lives of all the neighbourhoods that live along the track, as well as get people to the Airport effectively, their plan will cost us our health and overall quality of life. Infrastructure can destroy neighbourhoods. The gardiner destroyed Parkdale in the '50s and the Spandina Expressway would have destroyed China Town. Please make no mistake, this project spells certain doom for Brockton.

We need to get some posters and flyers distributed in the neighbourhoods along the rail corridor before February 3rd. The posters are uploaded in the file area.


You can call or email me to coordinate 416 616 6374. Thanks, Len

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