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June 11, 2009, 3 e-mail

K. H. wrote:

They have to work with the train schedules. It's much like the repairs that are done on highways after peak hours. From my BlackBerry.

C. wrote:

They have to do repair work means we should be duly informed just as people who drive the highways are notified of repairs being done by means of Signage notifiying them that work is going to be done I.E. "gardiner closed between blah and blah for repairs" We were not given this notice and we should be given this notice.

If you could please .....make sure that your office is aware of these repairs and we are duly informed going forward. The people of this community need to arrange their sleeping an working hours and cannot have any more unexpected surprises.

C. wrote:

We have witnessed rats coming forth from being disturbed from their homes along the rail corridor. This is the second report of rats on the west side of the tracks.The first recording we have was back in early February just after the pile driving started. It was recorded at a storefront backyard on Dundas west between Dupont and Keele . I have heard that there have been reports of rats on the east side of the tracks as well .

Last night my 2 neighbours at 19 and 21 Hook both saw rats.One instance was at 19 earlier in the evening and one was from 21 Hook a litter later . She saw one on Watkinson which meets Hook scurrying up the sidewalk. Carol at 21 Hook Ave.described it as about a foot long. She has called the health department.

I would have thought that this would have been a part of the Environmental Assessment . These Rats are obviously looking for a quiet place to stay during the daylight hours ,and will find this refuge in our yards and garages and wherever.

What was the finding in the EA for wildlife and rodent relocation as a result of a years worth of pile driving? I can't find it in the EA. Was there any mention of this?

Is this neighbourhood doomed now to become a rat infested getto?

Please advise what steps GO will do to mitigate the migration of rodents into the surrounding neighbouhoods due to the noise and vibration in their current habitat.

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