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Cinergy Research Correspondence

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Records of Arena/rink retrofit project meetings

Date submitted: Sept.27 2007

Request: Please let us examine all correspondence, meeting minutes, and interim or final reports on the arena energy retrofit program/project. Please include current and recent-year comparative utility-use numbers and costs for arenas/rinks. (This follows up on Freedom of Information request #05-1379)


October 23, 2007 The search by staff of PFR has found no records that respond to your request. Access cannot therefore be granted, as no such records exist.

Staff of Facilities and Real Estate have found records that respond to your requests....there are no additional responsive records....since the "Final Concept Reports" were received on August 8, 2005 for the Board of management Arenas, and on July 25, 2005 for City Operated indoor and outdoor rinks, no further or interim reports involving detailed feasibility studies for all the arenas have been required or completed. Staff indicate that the first quarterly analysis report will be provided by Cinergy Solutions to the City by the end of January 2008....

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