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Toronto's Energy Retrofit Program - Update 2009 Notes

As a related exercise we are undertaking a formal review in the form of a Case Study: The Cinergy Contract.

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posted January 18, 2009

It has been over a year since our last review of Toronto's Energy Retrofit program, so we thought we'd do an update. Below are three tables:

Verifiable outcomes
These are results of the Energy Retrofit Program published by the City of Toronto on its website, or other documentation that we obtain. We will make an attempt in each case to cite references that verify the stated outcomes.
Verifiable actions
These are actions mandated by the administrative guidelines and contracts either for the City or for the various contractors involved.
These are source documents used to establish the outcomes, the actions, or the mandates listed.

In addition we have tried to piece together a table of shifting budget allocations for the program.

As of this writing, we are in the process of refining these tables with a view to making them as precise and measurable as possible.

Verifiable Outcomes

Outcome (reference)
Verification (reference)
  • saves the City $525,000 annually in energy bills
  • reduces emissions by 2,200 tonnes of CO2 a year

(source: Civic Centres Retrofit Project City webpage)

To date (2007?) ERP projects are

  • saving the City over $4 million
  • reducing emissions by over 15,000 tonnes of CO2

per year.

Cost of projects has been

  • $34.5M

(source: Energy Retrofit Program City webpage)

City of Toronto, Energy Efficiency Retrofits - List of buildings

(source: Energy Efficiency Retrofits - List of buildings)

This table has deemed and measured energy consumption, for which calculation documents should exist.

Verifiable Actions

Action (reference)
Verification (reference)

City Website
  • feasibility studies to determine the practicality of various technical improvements
  • engineering and design of technical improvements
  • installation of new, energy-conserving technologies
  • monitoring and verifying savings
  • training City of Toronto staff to operate and maintain new equipment

(source: Arenas Retrofit Project City webpage)

This web page promises that the arenas energy retrofit project will save the City $1.25 million a year on utility costs and reduce the amount of greenhouse gases produced by the City's arenas by 15 per cent

A Framework for Establishing an Energy Retrofit Program and Financing Strategy
  1. Projects to be considered for funding each year will be submitted as part of the City’s annual budget review process and will go through the various stages of budget review and approval – EMT/Standing Committee/Council review and approval and quarterly variance reporting (p2)
  2. the financing costs for any Energy Retrofit Program projects approved by Council shall be charged to the related program operating budget in accordance with the procedures described herein; (p.2)
  3. The Energy Retrofit Program will be set up as a separate Capital Program Budget comprised of interdepartmental projects. (p.10)

(source: A Framework for Establishing an Energy Retrofit Program and Financing Strategy)

  1. This should result in vouchers listing the financing costs charged to the operating budgets of the recipients of loans for the programs.
  2. This should result in budget requisitions and approvals.
  3. This should provide availability of a list of projects
  1. A detailed business case is to be submitted for each project
  2. Projects will be evaluated and ranked using payback and net present value based on the following criteria... (included in report)
  3. only projects that have gone through an initial stage consisting of an energy audit and/or incorporating a third party guarantee will be considered for funding
  4. Each program will be responsible for monitoring and reporting energy consumption and associated savings through the City’s quarterly variance reporting.
  5. Each program will be required to budget for an expenditure item in its operating budget for annual debt service payments for the energy retrofit project equal to annual operating savings established at the outset of the energy retrofit project
  6. When project financing has been fully repaid, the amount of the annual operating savings will be deposited into an account by Finance

(source: A Framework for Establishing an Energy Retrofit Program and Financing Strategy - Appendix 1, page 10)

  1. example? Dufferin AIR concept report
  2. example? Dufferin Grove Park Energy Avoidance Table

  1. Approved Total Project Scope
  2. Concept Report (Cinergy, approved by City) [see inventory acquired by CELOS]
  3. Measure Completion Notice (Cinergy)
  4. Construction Completion Certificate (City)
  5. Construction Completion Notice (Cinergy)
  6. Acceptance of Concept Reports
  7. Acceptance of Detailed Design
  8. Acceptance Form of Detailed Design (change)
  9. Instruction and Training Materials
  10. Commissioning reports
  11. Communication reducing the scope of the work
  12. Communication increasing the scope of the work
  13. Reports regarding adjustment of scope of work
  14. Quarterly analysis and reporting of savings (Cinergy) during the performance period (24 months - 8 reports)

(source: Cinergy Agreement Excerpts)


These references are in addition to the references cited for the original review, in the Working Notes page. We keep a "snapshot" in case the original is moved or altered.

Source website link

Press Release: City wins FCM (Federation of Canadian Municipalities) award for greening its arenas

snapshot (pdf)

2008 FCM-CH2M HILL Sustainable Community Award for its Arenas Retrofit Project

A Framework for Establishing an Energy Retrofit Program and Financing Strategy

snapshot (pdf)

source link

Frequently referenced in background documents for our original review. At the time we could not find it anywhere.


snapshot (pdf)

source link

Source of link for "A Framework for Establishing an Energy Retrofit Program and Financing Strategy"

Energy retrofits City webpage

snapshot (pdf)

source link

Energy Retrofit Program City webpage

snapshot (pdf)

source link

Retrofit Case Studies City webpage

snapshot (pdf)

source link

Energy Purchasing City webpage

snapshot (pdf)

source link

Arenas Retrofit Project City webpage

snapshot (pdf)

source link

Detailed information on energy-efficient technologies and equipment in City of Toronto arena facilities

snapshot (pdf)

source link

Civic Centres Retrofit Project City webpage

snapshot (pdf)

source link

Analyst Briefing Notes Budget Committee Review (October 29, 2007)

snapshot (pdf)

source link

References to the Energy Retrofit Program

Analyst Briefing Notes Budget Committee (October 30, 2008)

snapshot (pdf)

source link

2009-2018 Capital Program - Sustainable Energy Plan including Energy Retrofit Program

Budget Allocations

(including carry-forwards where found - actuals in brackets where found)

Budget yearReference20042005200620072008200920102011
2004 ($20M)reference p.20920,000
2005reference p.13511,4654,3003,737
2006 ($35M)reference p.5(35)(6430)14,0037,1035,0002,000
2007reference p.6  15,890 (14,332)8,6615,0002,000
2008reference p.10(4,905*)3,9003,2502,150
2009reference p.12(4,355*)3,3501,000595

* = calculated from cumulative spending plus remaining budget less overall budget


Physical file references:

  • Contract file contains appendix specifying general form of energy savings calculation, including
    • Calculated per premise savings can be agreed to in the concept reports by City and Cinergy
  • Contract file contains notes from a meeting between Optimera (Cinergy) and City providing specification of format and contents of Energy Savings reports.
  • Collate information from Energy Avoidance tables as available

Areas of focus:

  • Training
  • Calculation methods for deemed AIRs
  • Approval records (vs. Approval Period automatic release)
  • Cost and Savings tables
  • Create review of project organizational context and staffing for administration

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