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posted on August 18, 2008

Globe and mail: A silver lining to the zoning mess

Published: August 16, 2008
Source: Globe and mail

And on the Eighth Day, God created divers sacred runes, causing them to be engraveth on stone tablets, which He called the Zoning Bylaw, and handed down unto the High Priests of the Israelites so that they might guardeth and cherish the engraved tablets as the Immutable Word of His Unutterable Being. And so they did.

But lo, there came unto the Promised Land a terrible propane explosion, and the people cried out to their Priests to reveal the mighty power of the sacred Tablets. But when the Israelites went unto the temple, they saw that the Priests were dead, and the Tablets as dust.

Whereupon they shrugged and turned their attention back to beach volleyball.


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