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July 10, 2009, 6 e-mails

K. H. wrote:

Haven't read the whole gist of B.s' Garbage Walk idea but I think this is an excellent idea if we could network throughout the city with all the communities across Toronto using the networks of the environmental groups such has TEA and Greenpeace, Environmental Defence etc. I think it would make a wonderful Citizen's Statement. If you like Boris, I will work with you and an organizing core group to get such a walk together. We may even have fun with such a citizen's action by getting the politicians and the union to walk together....now that is subversive! Maybe we could settle the strike on the walk!

Would you like to give it a go and organize?

Toronto's Garbage Walk 2009...ofcourse the bicycle networks could come to ...Critical Mass.

C. A. wrote:

Yes! Maybe we can give ourselves a week to organize and bring as many people on board as possible. I will help in any way I can. B., what do you think of this idea?

C. S. wrote:

I have contacted J. F. at Environmental Defence Canada (416-323-9521 ext. 232). Perhaps we can collaborate on our grass-roots movement!

M. G. wrote:

Friends of Christie Pits Park (Friends of all Toronto parks)

Hi all,

Although the temporary dump site at Christie Pits Park is not accepting any new garbage, we still feel strongly that NO PARK should be used as dumps during this strike.

Moss Park is a large park located between Jarvis and Sherbourne north of Queen St. E.

Moss Park is surrounded by Toronto's largest homeless community including Fred Victor Centre, Salvation Army and Good Sheppard. There are many low income buildings that surround the park and it is also home of the John Innes Recreation Centre. During the current strike many families have been left scrambling for summer camps and in this area there is a noticeable number of children hanging around without any supervision. Their (2yr old) basketball court has been turned into a dump.

The community around this park is one of the most marginalized people in all of Toronto and now is home to one of biggest downtown temporary dumps.

Please join us at a rally on Monday July 13th at 5p.m. NO PARKS ARE DUMPS!

We are encouraging people from all of Toronto who are opposed to seeing our Parks turned into dumps to join us in protecting what little green space we have.

M. S. wrote:

wondering: is anyone actually from the moss park area involved in organizing the protest? if not, this callout feels kind of problematic.

M. G. wrote:

Yes, there is small group of residents who have been trying to fight this temporary dump since the beginning. However, the media seemed to focus only on Christie Pits Park. We feel that No Parks should be used as dumps and were asked to shed much needed attention to this community. It should also be noted that the area around moss park is actually surrounded by mostly high rises with private garbage collection....makes me wonder who is dumping their garbage there?

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